Heidenhain CNC Programming

This site is designed to give an overview of what can be achieved using mainly Heidenain controls, giving various CNC Programming examples for you to use.


If you would like to contribute to this site, or you need help with a programming problem please contact us.

The content of the site relates to Heidenhain TNC 420 Conrol, so if you have a newer or older control most of the information will be relevant.

Transfering Files to and from Heidenhain Controlls COMMS
Heidenhain provide a free comms software package Called TNCremoNT that can be configured for most heidenhain controls using TNCserver User Interface,


Cycles are frequently needed machining sequences such as drilling, pocket milling, Boring, Datum Shift, etc that are stored in the TNC Control.

Q DEFS or Q Parameters
Q Defs allow you to program using variables instead of fixed numerical values, you can mix Q Defs and fixed numerical values iwithin a program.

Q Defs can represent information such as Coordinate values, RPM, Feed rates, Cycl data, Mathamatical Functions.

3D Milling
3D milling is the ability of the machine tool in conjuction with the relevant software to produce complicated 3 Dimensional Parts.